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  1. rolfepope

    Thanks for your comment on using a Tern Airporter Mini with a Brompton Bike.

    I did not see, or I missed it, but did you just fold the pedals, or take them off.

    As to the seat post, are you able to keep the seat post inside the bag with your Brompton Bike?

    One last question. Did you have any extra padding like form rubber on each side of the bike when you put it the bag.

    I just got a Brompton Bike over the weekend. I a tired of taking my Tern Link C7 apart and putting it back together when I travel.

    Thanks again, and I look foreword to your reply.

    Rolfe Pope

  2. Chris

    Hi Rolfe,

    Yes, I just fold the pedals and remove the saddle. Tighten the hinge clamp and that’s it. I have traveled this way many times, and the only issue I have is that the rear fender bends a little bit but you just move it back with a push. I usually have folded clothing in there on top, which may help. Make sure to tighten the straps (that come with the luggage) and leave a note for the TSA to re-strap after they search it. It happened once to me, and ever since I have that note, I haven’t seen it un-strapped anymore.

    I am planning on writing a post on traveling with a Brompton in the next week or so, and this time it’s wrapped up in a bag only, and no damage was done.


    • Chris

      I tried a couple of times, and they wouldn’t let me pass. However, these were international flights (and maybe airlines specific) and they are usually more strict from my experiences.

      I will give more details in my next post.

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