Bike Wrappers – Product Review

Here is my personal take on the bike accessory called Bike Wrappers. What are Bike Wrappers you ask? They are removable and reversible safety wraps for bike frames and for $45 they come in a set of three. The first piece measures approx. 16” long and fits over the top tube; the second piece measures 18” long and is for the down tube; and the third wrapper is 9” long and fits over the seat tube. All three pieces come with a pattern on one side and a safety reflective on the other. They wrap around the frame with Velcro.


There is an opening in the down tube wrapper to accommodate a bottle cage.

"preppy sweater" keeping my bike warm.

A “preppy sweater” is keeping my bike warm this winter.


Notice the seat tube wrapper expose too much of  Velcro fastener.

On its reflective side, the short seat-tube wrapper exposes some of the Velcro overhang.


  • I like that they are machine washable and easy to put on without any fuss. As a lifestyle cyclist living in a small condo, I like everything to be as simple as possible and these wrappers fit that. You don’t need to wear reflective clothing because these reflective wrappers will do the job.
  • The down tube piece has an opening to accommodate bottle cages.
  • They come in variety of pretty cool patterns and I am sure you can find one to your liking. The pattern I chose gives my bike a different look- like it is dressed in a warm and preppy sweater.
  • They are definitely highly reflective. I could see my bike at least 200 feet away and beyond that, the bike would be too small to the naked eye anyway and drivers usually have their low beams on.  That distance is plenty enough to get a motorist’s attention.
  • They are made right here in San Francisco and that is great because I support local.

Could be improved:

  • Although it would fit on a mountain bike, hybrid or a BMX frame nicely, I think the seat tube piece (9” long) is too short for either a road or track frame’s seat tube. A longer wrapper would definitely help with the scratches from locking that area of the seat tube and rear wheel with a U-lock. In addition, when the reflective side of the seat tube piece is facing outwards, too much of the Velcro is exposed.
  • It would be better if the bike wrapper pieces were sold separately and not as a set of three. Many cyclists like to only wrap the top tube. Doing so does not give the same visibility as having two or three, but it is more aesthetically pleasing.


You will get an almost 360 view of the reflectives except for when facing the bike head on because of the head tube/front tire obstruction. This shouldn’t matter if you have front bike lights. If they start selling them in individual pieces rather than as a set of three, I would recommend them if someone is shopping for a bike wrapper and wants to increase visibility. In my opinion, having three pieces wrapped on the bike frame instead of just the top tube is a little tacky- like putting a sweater on a dog. I think it would be even better if the reflective was incorporated into the pattern on a single side. That would make it more convenient instead of having to flip the wrapper over for day or night use. It would also be cool to be able to customize the colors and patterns. Think of all the possibilities!

You can buy them right here in SF at Sports Basement and other bike shops around town. They are also sold in stores across the country. Check their website for more info:

300 hundreds feet away

They are very reflective even from 200 hundred feet away.


This close up photo shows how brightly it’s reflecting.


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