Xmas Bicycle Trees


We want to wish everyone Happy Holidays by showing you some Christmas trees that are made out of bicycles!

100 recycled bicycles in Sydney, Australia

100 recycled bicycles were used to make this tree in Sydney, Australia.

Bicycle-Christmas-tree-in China

230 bicycles tree at 36 ft. high in Shenyang, China

This is a 230 bicycles-tree in Shenyang, China that stands 36 feet tall.

With over 1 billion people in China, finding bicycles to build this tree wouldn’t be a problem.

Not a bicycle Xmas tree

Not a bicycle Xmas tree.

If you don’t have time or the money to get a Christmas tree, a Charlie Brown tree would do.

Charlie Brown Xmas tree

Charlie Brown Xmas tree.

Happy Holidays!

I Love Biking SF

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