Ghost Bikes in San Francisco & Oakland

This post is dedicated to the memory of all the fallen cyclists or those who have lost loved ones in bicycle collisions. We hope you will find this to be a useful resource for obtaining information about the location of ghost bikes in SF and Oakland. We are currently in the process of collecting the names, location, and photos of all of the ghost bikes in the area. This is a community effort, so please let us know about any ghost bikes that are not included here.

San Francisco

Cheng Jin Lai (October 18th, 2013)
Placed at Division and 11th Sts.
More info here
Photo of ghost bike here

Amelie Le Moullac (August 14th, 2013)
Placed at 6th and Folsom Sts.
More info and photo here and here

Dylan Mitchell (May 23rd, 2013)
Currently, there is no ghost bike placed for Dylan at the location of the accident (16th and Van Ness Sts). Read more about why here.

Diana Sullivan (February 9th, 2013)
Placed at the corner of King and 3rd Sts. near AT&T Park
More info & photos: In Memory of Diana Sullivan, Ghost Bike Memorial

For more information about ghost bikes in San Francisco, visit: and


Susan Watson (December 17th, 2013)
Placed at the corner of Market and 5th Sts.
More info and photos: here
Video of memorial ride for Susan Watson here

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