In Memory of Diana Sullivan, Ghost Bike Memorial


Diana Sullivan
December 5, 1964 – February 9, 2013

From the standpoint of eternity, there is hardly any difference between a “long” and a “short” life. Therefore, it’s not whether one’s life is long or short, but how one lives that is important. It is what we accomplish, the degree to which we develop our state of life, the number of people we help become happy—that is what matters. – Daisaku Ikeda

At this intersection an amazing human being, Diana Sullivan, was taken from this world and sent into her next existence. Diana had an amazing state of life. She made many people happy and indeed that’s what matters! She will be deeply missed!


Statement from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition in Memory of Diana Sullivan

“We are deeply saddened by the death of Diana Sullivan, who was killed while biking on 3rd and King streets last Saturday. Your calls and e-mails have let us know that you are also saddened by this tragedy. We are going through a thorough evaluation of the intersection of 3rd and King, as we do for other known dangerous locations, to see what engineering and/or other solutions we will push the City to make. Since last Saturday, we have heard from many of you that the intersection of 3rd and King feels unsafe because the bikeway disappears without warning, forcing you in to fast-moving car traffic. We are bundling this information in to our review of the location and will be sharing our recommendations with you — and the City — shortly. We know that the best way for us to honor Diana’s life is to step up our efforts that much more to make San Francisco a safe and welcoming place for everyone to bike.”

A Ghost Bike for Diana

Her ghost bike is at the corner of King and 3rd Streets across from AT&T Park, where she was hit.


Someone left fresh donuts and coffee next to Diana’s ghost bike.


Many thanks to Jo Slota from Ghost Bikes San FranciscoRafi for providing the donated cruiser from Box Dog Bikes and Alan for creating the name plaque. This is a beautiful ghost bike to memorialize Diana’s tragic death. I echo Jo’s words, “Let’s hope it draws some attention to the need for greater cyclists’ safety. I think this is a good time for each of us to reach out to the SF Board of Supervisors & the SF Bike Coalition to ask them to re-evaluate this traffic situation.”

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  1. Aimie McDaniel


    Thank you so much to all of you amazing people who contributed your time, your talent, and your energy to commemorate the loss of Diana Sullivan. Diana Not Diane, DianA, the Huntress, the Goddess of the Moon.

    Rafi and Box Dog Bikes thank you for your generosity and kindness in donating the awesome bike. You chose perfectly, the cruiser is so her style.

    The name plate is amazing, and perfect, thank you Alan, for your time and your talent.

    Thank you Ilovebikingsf for your outspoken outrage at this tragedy, and of course, Jo Slota from Ghost Bikes San Francisco for your selfless act of love, and kindness.

    Thank you for acknowledging her as a person, not just a cause or statistic. She was someone’s Love, someone’s daughter, sister, aunt, Great Aunt, friend, and Breast Friend (inside joke).

    We laugh louder, play longer, use glitter and hula hoops freely, and with abandon. We color on sidewalks, dance like no one is watching, and bring extra bubbles with us to give to the kids who unfailingly ended up following us like we were the pied piper.

    She loved San Francisco, and all of the crazy people in it, including Us, her family, her tribe. Thank Gawd.

    I am a better person for having known her. She helped shape my sense of humor, my sense of joy and fun, and most of all, my sense of style.

    Diana Sullivan you fuckin rock, and I love your stuff. Thank you for being my friend.

  2. Sandra Taber

    This is a message I posted on Diana’s Guest Book. ” I pledge allegiance to Diana Sullivan and the fun for which she stands, one woman, spreading joy with bubbles and hula hoops for all.”

    Please keep the city’s feet to the fire regarding bicycle rights. Her death was preventable. No other family and freinds should suffer the loss of one so loved. She is my daughter, Aimie’s best freind and her pain is deeper than the darkest night.

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  4. lsk3ster

    Wow. I almost died riding here back when I worked at UCSF and rode my bike from the Embarcadero BART station. I was able to slow down after determining that the truck behind me decided to speed up (I heard the engine rev up) instead of slow down as the light turned red. The gap between her/his truck bed narrowed at a scary rate. Luckily for me, I was able to react. RIP, Diana.

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