News and Upcoming Events of the Week: #5


– Supervisor Wiener calls for city-wide bikeshare program (CBS).
– Mayor of London proposed $1.4 billion USD over 10 years for cycling infrastructure (theguardian)
– Cyclists cause air pollution according to GOPer (AmericanBlog).
– How to get moms on bicycles (DC.StreetsBlog)?
– Bioplanet e-bike motor in the bottom bracket instead on the wheels (PRWeb).
– San Antonio Cyclists performing the Harlem Shake (YouTube).
– Butter Lap every Wednesday at Ferry Bldg. by 7pm.
– East Bay Bike Party this Friday.
– World Naked Bike Ride this Saturday.
– Transportation History Geek-Out ride this Saturday.
– Sunday Streets this Sunday on the Embarcadero.

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