World Naked Bike Ride SF March 2013


It was like a zoo around the spot where the nude cyclists were meeting up. Spectators from all walks of life came to observe the human species in its most natural form. Can you find Waldo in this picture?

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) was held in San Francisco this past Saturday. In case you aren’t familiar with WNBR, the annual event is a group bicycle ride taken in the nude, that occurs in 74 cities across 17 different countries. It started in Canada in 2004 as a way of protesting against “indecent exposure to vehicle emissions”. Every year, during the 2nd weekend of March, the San Francisco chapter meets at Justin Herman Plaza. There were about 30-40 naked cyclists and a handful in partial clothing. This is the first year that they held this event after the city’s recent enactment of the public nudity ban (nudity is still allowed at special events and SF’s very own nude beach, Baker Beach), but the ride was still held in full swing (no pun intended).

IMG_9604gettingready  IMG_9615greatbritain  IMG_9617turqoisesocks


IMG_9736neonbike  IMG_9729bohemian  IMG_9673boots+sunglasses


IMG_9875waldo  IMG_9755blackhelmet  IMG_9868duo


IMG_9950scarf  IMG_9713denimshort  IMG_9868duo


IMG_9937buff+fat  IMG_9926redcap  IMG_9911pinkvans


Happy naked cycling!


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