News and Upcoming Events of the Week: #17

Image courtesy of Gizmodo UK

Image courtesy of Gizmodo UK

– Helicopter bicycle (see image above) developed by the Czechs (Gizmodo).
– Park your bike by a robot in Japan (Business Insider).
– Seattle has a public library on a bicycle (LA Times).
– Market St. bike barometer registers big numbers (SFGate).
– Growing bike culture improves local economy (model D).
– A week on a saddle of a Citi bikeshare (Daily News).
– Daily Show with John Stewart’s take on Citi Bikes (YouTube).

– East Bay Bike Party! this Friday.
– Midnight Mystery Ride this Saturday.
– Butter Lap every Wednesday at 7pm at the Ferry Bldg.

One comment

  1. Dante

    Bike sharing in NY. That’s awesome!!! Hey if it works in Europe, why not here also? Gas prices are ridiculous and will continue to be ridiculous. I drove a 2002 Ford 6-cylinder to do my errands the other day and paid for $30 gas that only filled a little bit over 1/4 of the gas tank (it probably cost damn near $100 for a full tank). Near finishing my errands with plenty of stop-and-go traffic between Frisco and South SF, the empty gas light was already lighting up.

    We should definitely have a bike sharing program here in SF also. It will motivate the city to improve its bicycle infrastructure, that’s for sure.

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