Fresh Green Paint on the Embarcadero

Looking north on the Embarcadero

Looking north on the Embarcadero near Green St.

On the way to Off the Grid this past Friday, I saw these bright green paint on bike lanes. No, these bike lanes are not separated nor protected. They are just green paint over the original striped lanes but they are an improvement, nonetheless. Maybe private cars, tour buses, and taxis will know not to block it this time… I doubt it though.  I guess it’s okay because the Embarcadero these days is like a parking lot during weekends due to all the traffic so it feels kind of safe to swerve in and out of the blocked bike lane into the vehicle lane.

I believe they were painted along the Embarcadero to get ready for America’s Cup which will begin this July.

Looking South on the Embarcadero near Pier 19

Looking South on the Embarcadero near Pier 19

I noticed that the green bike lanes weren’t completely done so I asked the construction crew manager about how far the green lanes will go. He said that it will start from as far south as Howard St. and end near North Point St. to the north. This CANNOT be right because that doesn’t cover the whole stretch of the original striped lanes from 3rd St. to North Point St. on the Embarcadero. If the purpose of the green painted lanes is to get more people to use bicycles as another form of transportation to get to events like America’s Cup, why are they ending at Howard St. which is 1.4 miles (2.3 km) from the Caltrain Station? Are we getting another disconnected bike route as seen in so many places in SF?

Anyhow, I hope this is temporary until we get a cycle track here. I propose a raised cycle track going northbound without jeopardizing sidewalk space and a southbound buffered cycle track by placing it between parked cars and the sidewalk. This proposal would not take any car space away. Do it!


  1. Dante

    I rode on this lane the other day and I ran into a tour bus, a taxi cab, and then a delivery truck parking on it. I had to carefully move over to the car lane to get around them. The green lane is a disguised bicycle lane but what it really means is that it is a temporary parking spot for vehicles. The DPT or SFPD should start ticketing vehicles that are obstructing bicycle lanes but I know that is not gonna happen. So if the motorist is allowed to improvise and invade the spaces of the bicyclist, then the heck with it, I will also improvise and do what I have to do safely and not always have to follow these traffic rules that are designed for them.

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