News and Upcoming Events of the Week: #20

Image courtesy of SF Bike Party

Image courtesy of SF Bike Party

– Swedes are working on soft asphalt to reduce bicycle crashes (tree hugger).
– Another car manufacturer (Toyota) is getting into bike business (The Record).
– Chicago just launched her Divvy bike-share program (Chicago Sun-Times).
– 25% of rush hour vehicles in London are bicycles (Grist).
– 10 brilliant works of bike infrastructure around the world (Atlantic Cities).
– Cool music video, King of the World by Anthony’s Putsch involves babies on bikes (YouTube).

– SF Bike Party! this Friday.
– Shaping SF Bike Tour (Labor History) this Saturday.
– Sunday Streets in Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway this Sunday.
– Butter Lap every Wednesday at 7pm at the Ferry Bldg.

Happy Independence Day!

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