Happy King’s Day in SF, 4/23/16


3 years ago, Nellie and I were in Amsterdam for the first time and we wanted to be there in time for tulips season.  It turned out that we had a wonderful surprise which was also coincided with Queen’s Day.  It was particularly special because Queen Beatrix abdicated her crown to her son, Willem-Alexander.  We stayed in the city center on Koningsstraat, Dutch for King’s street, another coincidence?!  I will never forget that trip.  I had my days of partying at music festivals but the Dutch really knows how to throw a party!  DJs playing EDM at every corner and on boats which were filled with people dancing.  Did I mentioned that vehicles were banned from the city center?  On the day of Queen’s Day, everybody was sporting their best orange outfits to signify their love for their Royal Family and national pride.


The spirit was there for King’s Day in SF this past weekend.  Although SF is nothing like the Netherlands in terms of bike infrastructure, we celebrated King’s Day festival with a nice bike ride around the northern west corner of SF.  The meetup began at 10am at Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park.  We started the day with some delicious home-made stroopwafels.  Also, there were Dutch-designed Gazelle bikes for free rentals.  It was really nice to speak to a lot of Dutch folks.  One Dutch guy thought I was Dutch because of how I am fascinated with their country.  Of course, a ride in San Francisco will always include those breath-taking views.  Here are some photos that I want to share.


The bike ended at Murphy Windmill where the festival was at.  I was really surprised to know that there is this great Dutch community in the Bay Area.  Who would have known?  The festivity here in SF carries the same traditions as back home for them.  For example, children were selling their used clothes, toys, and books.  Face-painting is another popular thing in the Netherlands.  And if you haven’t tried raw herring, you must do so when you get a chance.  Somehow, you will feel that joy when you try it.

P4220124.JPG  IMG_2062.JPGP4220129.JPGP4220130.JPGP4220131.JPGIMG_2056.JPG

Till next time, Happy Riding!







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