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When we arrived in San Francisco in early 2010, we fell in love with the beauty of the City and its surrounding scenery. Love The beauty of the City Sunwas most apparent from the seats of our bicycles as we took in the sights along the waterfront, Golden Gate Bridge, and Golden Gate Park.  Rainbow But we also quickly discovered an impressively strong and active community of bicyclists and a thriving bike culture. Cool We got bitten by the bicycle bug and in late 2012 launched our blog to share stories about it. Ligthbulb


We see bicycling as a positive thing to do for the environment Flower, community, health, and most importantly, for the simple joy of it. Big-Grin As JFK once put it, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”


We also see biking as a way of connecting with the community Hug since you are more physically engaged with your surroundings  versus when you are in the metal cage of a car. Music It makes you become aware of things you otherwise would not have noticed. It also makes you feel more human. Clown We have become passionate about bettering the community through bicycling and bike improvements, and so we also share in this blog our views on bicycle improvements in cities. Thinking


We are glad and excited to see that the bike movement is also taking off in other cities around the world. Party Also, we relocated from our home in SF to Oakland in late 2013. Whew Although it was difficult at first to make the decision to leave SF, we have now discovered another great city across the bay in Oakland. Laughing We are currently learning about bicycling in Oakland, engaging with the bike community out here, and look forward to sharing stories about it. Winking


Even though we are now in Oakland and enjoying every minute of it smile, and who knows where else we will end up in the future, we will always remember those special years in San Francisco. Heart It was where we first fell in love with bicycling and became aware of the issues surrounding bike advocacy. Angry My own memory of SF is the breeze blowing on my skin as I take in the amazing and stunning views while biking across the Golden Gate Bridge. Smug Or, on a clear and calm warm night riding alongside the bay and seeing the skyline lit up and the moonlight glistening on the water. Night

We hope that you will find this blog to be a useful resource for your own bicycling adventures in SF and Oakland Balloon, whether you are a daily commuter or weekend warrior. Ninja

Happy riding & much love from the City Cities by the Bay! GoodbyeHeart

Nellie in Strasbourg, France.

Nellie in Strasbourg, France

Me on the English Bay in Vancouver, BC.

Chris on the English Bay in Vancouver, BC


  1. chad

    I just moved to Oakland with my wife and 2 year old son from SF after 15 years. Happy to see you are here, and im sure a lot of others have left SF too. I hope that the biking infrastructure in Oakland gets better over the next few years, it has the potential to be the best in the bay! Please keep the posts coming!

    • Chris

      I agree Chad. It definitely has lots of potential even for the best in the West. We are happy to be here and hopefully by blogging will get more people in Oakland to bike.

      Take care.

  2. Aimie McDaniel

    My best friend, Diana Sullivan, was honored with a Ghost Bike last year at 3rd and King st. On my way to work this morning I saw that her bike is gone.!. I am heart broken. Any suggestions on what I should do? File a police report? was it moved by the city for some reason?
    You have been kind and fair in your reportings of her tragedy, and I need your advice.
    Thank you, in advance, for your time and attention.

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