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News and Upcoming Events of the Week: #17

Image courtesy of Gizmodo UK

Image courtesy of Gizmodo UK

– Helicopter bicycle (see image above) developed by the Czechs (Gizmodo).
– Park your bike by a robot in Japan (Business Insider).
– Seattle has a public library on a bicycle (LA Times).
– Market St. bike barometer registers big numbers (SFGate).
– Growing bike culture improves local economy (model D).
– A week on a saddle of a Citi bikeshare (Daily News).
– Daily Show with John Stewart’s take on Citi Bikes (YouTube).

– East Bay Bike Party! this Friday.
– Midnight Mystery Ride this Saturday.
– Butter Lap every Wednesday at 7pm at the Ferry Bldg.

News and Upcoming Events of the Week: #16

Image courtesy of Haighteration

Image courtesy of Haighteration

– Wiggle Bicycles shop (above image) opens on the Wiggle (Haighteration).
– Cyclists will have a comfortable ride on Market Street due to repavement (SFExaminer).
– BananaHama more comfortable than a beach cruiser (gizmag)?
– Cycling app Strava not blamed for rider’s death in Berkeley (theVerge).
– A bicycle that sprays mist in your face (Atlantic Cities).
– Google Maps adds bicycling directions to 6 more European countries (eweek).
– Cycling 100 miles a week at age 92 (Huffpost).

– SF Bike Party! this Friday.
– 10th Anniversary World Naked Bike Ride this Saturday.
– Oaklavia! this Sunday.
– Sunday Streets! this Sunday.
– ButterLap every Wednesday at 7pm at the Ferry Bldg.

News and Upcoming Events of the Week: #9


Image courtesy of Yusef Alahmad

– Enter to win Bookman bicycle lights here!
– Fell and Oak St. protected bike paths delayed yet again (SFExaminer).
– Cycling is an economic gain of $0.42 USD a mile and driving is a $ 0.20 USD loss (grist).
– Saudi Arabia finally allows women to ride bikes (HuffPost).
– Thinking of getting a bamboo cyclocross bike (bikeradar)?
– SRAM unveils a 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg) roadbike at a cost of $35,000 USD (BicycleRetailer).
– CycleSF 2013 event is postponed. Registrants will get full refunds within 10 days.
– SF Bike Party is this Friday!
– South Bay Bike Party is this Saturday!
– SFBC Rec Ride:  The Re-Use Ride is this Sunday.
– Butter Lap every Wednesday at Ferry Bldg by 7pm.

News and Upcoming Events of the Week: #1


– More brain research needs to be done about cycling (the Atlantic Cities)
– Hotels offer bikes to business travelers (NY Times)
– Taxing cyclists is a stupid idea (SF Weekly)
– Update on the new Bay Bridge bike path (CBS 5)
– PSU study shows bicycle commuters are happiest (OregonLive)
– Bicycles wanted in this new Portland apartments (BikePortland)
– Market St. could be Mission St. instead for cycle tracks (SFGate)
– Butter Lap every Wednesday at Ferry Bldg by 7pm
– Santa Cruz Bike Party this Friday
– East Bay Bike Party this Friday
– E-Bike ride and Glide this Saturday
– Love Your Lanes ride in Sunset this Saturday
– 4000 Miles play with free bike valet this Sunday