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CYCLE CHIC The Book – Review

I just got the book ‘Cycle Chic‘ from my wife, Nellie.  She won it for me in a contest at this wonderful blog, Cycle Chic.  To enter the contest, each entrant had to write a statement of why they think the person they are trying to win it for deserves the prizes of a book and CD (Bicycle: Nora and One Left).  I love the Cycle Chic blog and I follow it religiously.  So, it was a heart-warming gift when she won it for me.

The book, like the blog, is by Mikael Colville-Anderson and has 288 pages and 368 colorful photographs with some fabulous quotes from famous people.  One of my favorite quotes is, “Everytime I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race” – H.G. Wells.

Most of the photos were taken in Copenhagen and show everyday people on their bicycles going about their business.  Like the blog’s message, it accentuates the notion that cycling is for everybody and that you can look chic while riding.  There are no photos of men in lycra, helmets and on road bikes.  And that is exactly what we witnessed during our vacation in Copenhagen a year and a half ago.  What I find interesting is that the photos really capture the people and their city’s vibe with such little text.  It’s a great coffee table book or can be a nice gift to a person that you love.  It was recently released and only comes in hardcover for now.

front cover

Style over speed

Style over speed, elegance over exertion – Cycle Chic Slogan

men in suits

heels on bikes

dogs on bikes


Cycle Chic in Golden Gate Park?

On a lovely sunny but chilly Sunday afternoon in Golden Gate Park, I spotted some people who looked “dressed for the occasion” riding bikes.

He's ready for any special occasion.

He’s ready for a special occasion.

Dressed in leopard outfit on an e-bike.  How dashing!

A lady dressed in a leopard-print coat on an e-bike.

What a nice day to bring your dog along?.

It’s a nice day to bring your dog along.